Utkujärven Majat - Come visit the real Lapland!

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A non-profit organisation that runs Utkujärven Majat has offered accommodation for over 30 years. We have had many happy visitors, anyone from school kids to the President of Finland.

Utkujärven Majat offers accommodation in Fell Lapland, Finland. Utkujärvi is an amazing place for reducing stress, relaxing, and to have new experiences that empower you in life.


You can go hiking and trekking, skiing, fishing or just enjoy the beautiful, calming atmosphere from the sauna terrace. If you wish, you can learn about Lappish nature and visit one of the last areas of untouched European wilderness.

Even though you are surrounded by wildness and nature, you have all the modern services you need nearby - from shops to healthcare. The lodging is near Muonio, about 10 kms north of the village.

Winter Sport: Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking, and More


The nearest skiing centres and the National Park of Pallas-Ylläs are not far.  Olos skiing centre is 17 kms, Pallas 27 kms, Ylläs 64 kms and Levi 72 kms. All centres provide downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

In the autumn, when the trees light up with beautiful reds and oranges, there are a variety of trails and routes to hike to see much beauty. Hetta is 52 kms from Utku and one of the most popular trekking routes
; Hetta-Pallas starts from there. This amazingly beautiful area has various fells, lakes and streams.

Utkujärven Majat is on a picturesque cape. The address is
Kilpisjärventie 948, 99310 Muonio. The location on the map: Karttapaikka


Utkujärven majat consists of a main building (päärakennus), two semi-detached houses (paritalo), two cottages (aitta), a sauna by the lake (rantasauna), a smoke sauna (savusauna) and a Laplander's hut (kota). On the premises there are also a service building and a BBQ area.

Utkujärven Majat can be used for a variety
of events. It has hosted weddings, birthdays, meetings, school camps and educational courses.

Renters are welcome to use the disc golf baskets and discs, the rowboat
, the canoe, and the Nordic Walking staffs. On request, there are also a few pairs of snowshoes available.

There are electrical heating plugs for cars in the semi-detached houses and the main building. The yard is big enough for a bus to drive and park in front of to the main building.


Main building

The main building is constructed from two lumberjack cabins in the 1980's. It has since been renovated, remodelled, and expanded - with the addition of a new kitchen, electric sauna, drying room for clothes, and the central cabin area.

When bigger groups are staying at Utkujärven Majat, the central cabin is the place for meeting up or chilling out together. The original timber creates a peaceful atmosphere. The ambiance of the original lumberjack cabins is still present and it is preserved through using old tables and benches. The central cabin can be used for meetings or training sessions as well as for dining when groups are visiting Utkujärvi.  The central cabin can fit up to 40 adults when seated.

In the central cabin there are a beautiful soapstone fireplace, tv and wifi available.
If extra accommodation is needed, there are four big bunk beds and two sofabeds in the cabin, so up to 8 people can sleep there comfortably.

The kitchen has an industrial stove and oven, a fridge and a freezer, a dishwasher and kitchenware for 30 people. The main building also has a washing machine.


If your group has a need for catering, we will be happy to help you.


Semi-detached houses

Utkujärven Majat has two semi-detached houses. Both have two apartments with two bedrooms, a living room with a kitchenette
, and a wc/shower.  In the kitchenette there is a stove, a fridge, and kitchenware.

The older house also has a sauna and a small living room area that is for joint use of both apartments.  The newer house has two saunas - one in each apartment - and one bigger living room area with a fireplace for joint use. Rooms in the middle can be locked up from both ends of the houses.

The semi-detached houses have a tv and radio in each apartment. In each bedroom there is a bunk bed with a bigger bottom bed for two adults and a top bed for one.  One apartment can accommodate six adults and one additional adult in the middle living area. Both houses together can accommodate up to 26 people.

There are outdoor sockets for warming up cars during the winter.



There are two cottages at Utkujärven Majat. Each one can accommodate up to 7 people.
The cottages are two storey. Neither cottage has water nor wc. The cottages are not leased separately but meant for additional accommodation with bigger groups.

,while not typically used for this purpose, the lakeside sauna has a very modest possibility of accommodating 1-2 people on sofa bed and sofa in the dressing room if extra beds are needed.

Total accommodation capacity of Utkujärven Majat is 50 people in beds and sofa beds - and of course, during the summer time, outdoor area can be used for tents as well.

Other buildings

Besides the four electric saunas there is a lakeside sauna with a wood heated stove and a smoke sauna. Neither have running water and water needs to be carried from the main building or the lake.

The lakeside sauna is available for all the visitors who are staying overnig
ht at no extra cost. There is a small cast iron fireplace in the dressing room.

The smoke sauna needs to be booked in advance and can be set up for an additional charge. The traditional smoke sauna will keep the heat for hours with a soft steam. The smoke sauna experience is amazing with a totally silent stove. The heat bakes into the very heavy set of rocks beforehand and there is no fire when the sauna bath is taken.  Smoke sauna is wonderful during either the summer when you can enjoy a dip in the clear and shallow water of the lake just meters away - or when it is winter, when you can take a roll in the pure, untouched snow.

Laplanders' Hut

Nestled away between majestic candle spruces
, there is the Laplanders' Hut. It is built like the traditional Sámi dwelling, with a fire in the middle. The hut can fit up to 20 people to while away the night singing or cooking on an open fire.

BBQ and fire ring

Between the main building and the lake there is a BBQ area with two fire pits under a roof. You will also find the equipment for smoking fish on open fire.

When the weather is clear, the most fantastic place to be is the open fire ring under the stars or under the midnight sun. You can take reindeer skins to sit on and enjoy yourself in a magical moment. That will give you a lifelong memory of peace, quiet, and tranquility like you can find no-where else. You might hear a bird passing over the lake or see the lights of the tiny village far away, across the lake. But the peace you will find is peace you will long for later on
-and that is something that will lure you to return here.

Services in the area

Muonio has services such as grocery stores, a souvenir store, pharmacy, health center, liquor store, bank and a flea market. Nearby there are several special tourist attractions for travellers; husky- and motor sleigh safaris, white river rafting and a reindeer husbandry farm.  Also, the Pallastunturi Visitor Centre offers information of the National Park of Pallas-Ylläs.

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